To make an appointment or for more information about the unique services we offer at the Metaphysical Emporium, 
please call us at 651-407-8599. 
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JoAnn Swedock
As an intuitive healing facilitator, it is an honor to provide you with complementary forms of healing techniques. You can count on my years of experience. Clients affirm that my services are as powerful as they are gentle. Their enthusiasm reflects my commitment to maintaining integrity, confidentiality and respect.
Advancing an individual’s health and well-being is my passion and joy.
I started training in 1991 as a massage therapist and continue professional and personal development in the complementary field of healing techniques. I have fifteen years experience in the delicate field of “helping you”. I make the process of figuring out what will best serve your needs and desires easy and uncomplicated.

I am delighted to share the following information with you on a few preventative and natural healing techniques offered:
Classes & Workshops:

• Reiki (Energy) Courses:
Level 1 (1st Degree)
Level 2 (2nd Degree)
Master/Teacher Course
Animal Reiki
Re-attunements for Reiki practitioners
An ancient healing method designed to transfer energy or life force through the body’s meridians, a system of energy-transporting pathways. Healing occurs when blockages are eliminated and the energy flows freely.
• Ear Candling:
Includes craniosacral, massage and reflexology techniques.
Provides ears & related areas with deep cleansing. Non-invasive and gentle. Sinus trouble? Try this.
• Shin Splint release:
A must for all athletes. Class includes muscle toning.
Tension and knots in muscles on the shinbone get released to prevent injury and promote optimal performance.
• Joint Release:
positioning joints in hands and/or feet, to release tension.
Great continued education for massage therapists. Enhance musician’s capabilities and prevent repetitive injury. Arthritic conditions alleviated.
• Yoga techniques:
61 point & 10 minute warm up.
Relax, meditate, release, energize, stretch; this all in these subtle techniques you can learn easily.

• Life Coaching:
What is your next step?
Get empowered to discover what is best for you at this time in your life. Move forward.
• Therapeutic Bodywork:
All healing sessions begin with acomplementary consultation to define your goals and to identify which treatments will be of optimal benefit to you.
Energy work, CranioSacral and, reflexology techniques, integrated to enhance your immune system and overall sense of well-being.
To make an appointment or for more information about the unique services we offer at the Metaphysical Emporium, please call us at 651-407-8599.
For more detailed information, credentials, and references please contact: JoAnn Swedock A.C.M.T., C.L.C.P. Reiki Master/Teacher 612-963-5575