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Karen Neihart


Astrology Reports & Consultations

 About Karen
Karen worked in the corporate world as a legal secretary/assistant for many, many years; sold real estate; and has also been self-employed as an image consultant, and in sales of health care products.

Karen and Chuck have been married since 1986 and each have a daughter from previous marriages. Karen has 3 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.

Karen became interested in natural healing therapies in 1979 to assist her in bringing her health back to balance. Studying extensively about the various therapies guided her to personally experience many of these therapies which then turned her health around. From this she began to realize that in order to obtain good health Body, Mind and Spirit all have to be in balance. In l989 Karen began the study of astrology, which at first was taken on strictly as a therapy to understand herself and family. The more she learned about astrology, the more she realized the importance of what this tool can provide. What began as a hobby and therapy for herself completely changed her life.

In studying her own natal chart, she found the following answers:

  1. what her life purpose was

  2. what type of career she needed to be fulfilled

  3. the type of natural therapies that were best for her

  4. the ability to understand and accept other people.

After finally realizing that scattering herself in too many directions while trying to hang onto her security was not working and was affecting her health and happiness, Karen left the corporate world and in 1997 opened The Metaphysical Emporium, so that she could share her experiences with alternative healing modalities and knowledge of astrology with others so they too could begin their journey of personal and spiritual development.

Karen's Motto:
"Progress Always Involves Risk! You Can't Steal 2nd With Your Foot On 1st!" Anonymous

Astrology is a key to a door of your unconscious mind, allowing you to see deeper into who you are, where you have been, and where you hope to go.

Astrology is unsurpassed as a tool for solving the mystery of human interaction because it provides clues and insights not available through any other source, traditional or otherwise.

If you haven't yet had your horoscope done, a good place to begin is with the Personality Profile Report, and a Predictive Report which will tell you the types of issues you will be dealing with from one birthday to the next.

Holistic Astrology Consultations

Your astrological birth chart is a mirror of your soul and is capable of identifying potential problems you carry around and what you need for healing (sort of like a metaphysical x-ray). Use the Healing Power of your Planets.

Your Natal Chart provides clues as to where the imbalances of energy are and which therapies can help to bring you back into balance. There is a vast range of natural therapies available for support to nudge you in the right direction to bring about healing from within such as aromatherapy oils, flower and other vibrational essences, crystals and gemstones, herbs, and colors. Discover which therapy best matches your personality to obtain better health and live a more fulfilling life.

Progressions and Transits to your birth chart reveal the cycles you are undergoing and possible imbalances during these time periods. Determine which crystals and gemstones to use for strength and support, and which herbs will build up weak planetary energy.

Spiritual and emotional well-being are essential for health. The ancient wisdom of the Cosmos will be combined with contemporary Earth spirituality and the information integrated into your everyday life in order to effect personal healing.

Responsibility for your health lies in your own hands. Our bodies always try to heal themselves if we don’t get in the way. We are the masters of our own destinies – take time to understand yourself and your symptoms.

Have your Horoscope harmonized for optimal mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health!

Included In A Consultation

  • Natal Chart, Progressed Chart and Transits will be discussed. The imbalances as shown in the Natal Chart will be pointed out and any weaknesses bought on by the current cycles you are experiencing will be discussed.

    Color: Your chart provides answers as to which elements are in excess or lacking. Learn which colors to use to increase efficiency, speed recovery, assist concentration and balance your energies.

  • Flower Essences: These vibrational essences deal with emotional states. Analyzing your chart and learning which qualities are lacking or overemphasized will provide assistance in selecting individual flower remedies.

  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils, was correlated with astrology in the Middle Ages. They affect the subtle body, which in turn affects the physical body. Aromas may be used to strengthen planetary energy where it is weak. Which oil to use can be determined from your chart.

  • Crystals & Gemstones: Your birth chart, progressions and transits will indicate which stones can be used for strength and support. These can be carried, worn, taken as an elixir, placed on various charkas or under your pillow to get the benefit of the stone’s energy.

  • Determine Best Therapy For You: Which therapy is best suited for you can be identified by whether the issue is physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual in origin. Various therapies that work best with each category will then be recommended.

1 Hr. Session - $60.00; 1-1/2 Hr. Session - $75.00
1 Hr. Session including Chart & Report   - $75.00


Astrology Charts & Reports Available

Personality Profile Report
(All About You)


Relationship/Compatibility Report
(What‚s Happening Between You Two?)


Child/Teen Report
(Focuses on Issues Parents Are Concerned About)


Annual Predictive Report (Solar Return)
(What's In Store For Your Current Year? As Close As You'll Come To a Psychic Reading.  From Birthday to Birthday. Provide City/State of whereabouts on date report begins)


Monthly Predictive Report (Lunar Return)
(Your Month Ahead)


Transit Forecast Report
(Day-by-Day Astrological Guidance)
Specify Starting Date

1 Month - $9.95
6 Months - $29.95

Life Progression Report
(The Now You)


Karmic Past Lives
(Examine Possible Past Life Connections)


Flower Essence & Gemstone Report
(Describes weaknesses and difficult patterns; specifies Essences & Gemstones to Manifest Positive Potentials)


Relocation Report ~ 2 Cities Minimum
(Discover what potentials a new location holds for you. Compare current residence with other  Cities & States)

Each additional City $5.00

Numerology Report
(Personality, Current Life Path Period, Pinnacle & Personal  year)


Mapping Your Soul's Purpose
(Ultimate Clue to Your Soul's Intentions)


Chakra Healing Report
(Guide to Identify Blocks and How to Dissolve Them to Fulfill Your Divine Purpose)


Hidden messages

(messages from father, mother, authority figures, direct or indirect)


(The knowledge that you are the creator of your life)                                                                                                                   $12.95

Canine Report
(Guide to Understanding the Potential of Your Dog)                                        $17.00


Feline Report
(Guide to Understanding the Potential of Your Cat)


Classes and Tutoring also available.

(By mail, add $2.00 for postage.) ~ Purchase package of #1 and #4 and receive a $5 discount!

These reports will give you tremendous insight into understanding yourself and others, and also as to the types of situations you will be dealing with during certain periods.

To make an appointment or for more information about the unique services we offer at the Metaphysical Emporium, please call us at 651-407-8599